We Help You Create True Impact in the Lives of Your Investors.

We embrace your independence and entrepreneurial spirit by providing you with the technology and back-office support, compliance and fiduciary services, and robust marketing platform needed to fulfill your obligations and grow your business. In a word, we bring you Clarity. 

We also empower you with our time-tested Investing With Clarity™ investment management approach and allow you to offer Planning With Clarity™ through our proprietary Clarity Roadmap™ planning process. 

Impending DoL rules and regulations, the emergence of robo advising and the continuous shift towards digital marketing may have you looking for a new and better home for you and your clients. From customized, actively monitored portfolio management and intelligent diversification to back office support and client education to ETF models and custom research capabilities, we have the experience to successfully help you make the move to independence.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help you grow your business.


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“We are dedicated to providing financial professionals with Clarity in their practice and accomplish their life’s ambitions.”

By working together we eliminate unnecessary complexity in their business and empower you with proven processes and state-of-the-art business tools to meet your unique needs. We listen and come to understand how today’s changing landscape is affecting your future. Our goal is to provide you with the support needed so you focus on what you do best… work with your clients. We invite you to join us.



Nepsis is a Greek word that means “to be watchful, alert and vigilant; with a clear and sober mind against illusions and fear.” In short, Nepsis is clarity.

  • Clarity in your investment management
  • Clarity in your advising and planning
  • Clarity in your compliance and operations
  • Clarity in your career and succession plans

We provide the financial research, portfolio management and analysis, and consulting to help you and your clients find Investing With Clarity™ and Planning With Clarity™.



We help you and your business take the next growth steps by empowering you to better assist your clients in achieving their investment and planning goals.

Our Advisor Onboarding Process provides a clear path to assist you in transition including if you desire to move from a commission based business to a fee-based business in an efficient and effective manner.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique situation.


In today's changing landscape, you need:

  • Technology and back office support for growth
  • Strong and unique portfolio management 
  • Streamlined, efficient systems and processes
  • Clarity to create true client impact
  • Guidance on your practice's value

Bring Investing With Clarity™ and Planning With Clarity™ to your practice and the clients you serve. Our Advisor Onboarding Process makes the move to independence easy and we are experienced, long-standing members of Broker Protocol.  



Interested in Discussing Our Nepsis Advisor Package Options?

We have a solution that can be customized to meet your unique needs and those of your clients. 


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